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– Python Code Examples – Sample Script Coding Tutorial for Beginners


This bot will connect to a specific link based on the set time. For this project, we need the selenium and pyautogui modules that can be downloaded using the following command from the pip package manager.

Other than these modules we also need to download the chrome or firefox webdriver. It is essential that the version of both webdriver and web browser are the same, which you may find to download at their official browser sites or with a simple google search.

After importing the necessary modules we now need to initialize the webdriver. In the following code, we will pass the path of the webdriver. In order to attend any meeting on zoom, we need a meeting id and passcode. This link will open the zoom join meeting webpage.

When we try to join a meeting, from the Zoom client we are presented with the authentication page, which we also get by fetching the URL in the previous step, webpage asking for a meeting code.

After the meeting code is filled we will click on the join button to go to the next step. After clicking the join button, the zoom client will open which will ask you to enter the passcode for the meeting. Further in this script can be an approach to join and leave the meeting at a particular time.

Also, you may build a bot for any other meeting client like Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, etc. Hope you learned well how to create a bot that joins Zoom meetings automatically and are ready to build a bot for your meetings and automate the task.

Chrome Path of downloaded chrome webdriver. Authentication In Zoom. Entering Meeting Password Automatically.


Changelog — Python documentation.

Sep 07,  · Link to the code: idea: Keep checking if start time and system time matches.- Open meeting link when they m. Python program to automatically join the online zoom classes based on the given input in the Excel sheet the input should be in the given format: Time: dd-mm-yyyy hh:mm AM/PM. Meeting ID: (string) Meeting Password: (string) IMP – If you want to change the program path jump to line Apr 18,  · I’ll never be late to another Zoom meeting!Half the time, I’ll get distracted on my computer and be late to my meetings. The other half, I’m sleeping and did.

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