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Our last blog detailed the steps to join a Microsoft Teams meeting from Zoom Rooms. You can find that post here. Following the post many users asked whether the same process can be done from the other direction.

And yes, we are happy to say that you can easily join Zoom meetings from a Microsoft Teams Room. The process only requires that you turn on a couple features on your Microsoft Teams Room device, instructions detailed below.

There are similar limitations and restrictions, but the process is easy and works well. If you are looking to jump right in, then please follow the steps or watch the video in the box below.

You can find more details on the limitations by continuing this post below the instructions. This long awaited feature is a step in the right direction but still has a few hurdles. Click More from the MTR home screen 2. Click Settings 3. Click Meetings on the left side of the screen 5. Under the Zoom slider select the Join with custom info radial button 7. Enter Guest credentials for the room This can be anything with an email 8.

Click the Save and Exit button in the lower right. Android based systems, such as Studio X bars , are currently not supported. Just like connecting to Teams from Zoom Rooms, there are a few limitations that you should be aware of.

Again, our biggest concern is the lack of content sharing between the two platforms. Our answer to this dilemma is the same as our Zoom Rooms solution, have the Zoom user invite a separate device on the Microsoft Teams side dedicated to content sharing.

This device will likely be a personal device, like a laptop of one of the participants. That participant can then use the share screen feature like normal. The second concern is a little easier to work around. The easy answer is to simply have the Zoom user invite every needed participant through an email invite. So, if you plan to include a separate device dedicated to content sharing make sure the Zoom user invites that participant ahead of time.

Lastly, just like the Zoom Rooms connection, android based Microsoft Teams Rooms are not supported for joining a Zoom call at this time. The lack of support on android based systems, like the Poly Studio X Bars , is likely to change in the future as Microsoft continues to roll out updates to Teams. We know there is not a one-size-fits-all solution.

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– Zoom issues and how to fix them – Android Authority


Instead of sending out meeting invitations that contain a Join meeting link, you can publicize your meeting and have attendees register. About meetings with registration. Schedule the meeting. Customize the registration form. Send the invite. Publicize the meeting. View the registration report. Add presenters after sending the invite. Edit meeting details and inform participants. Cancel the meeting. View the post-meeting attendance report.

In meetings with registration, the organizer and presenters have more control than in a regular meeting. By default, attendees:. If the meeting is open to the public, attendees are muted and their video is turned off when they join.

In the Teams calendar, select New meeting. On the New meeting page, select Require registration and then either For people in your org or For everyone for a meeting open to the public. On the New meeting page, enter a title for the meeting, date, start and end times, and a description.

See Customize the registration form for instructions. Note: We suggest that you set the meeting policy to have attendees wait in the lobby so that you or a presenter can let them into the meeting when you’re ready. For instructions, see Change participant settings for a Teams meeting. To allow people besides yourself to present content during the meeting, list them on the invite. In the Add required presenters space, enter their names. If there are optional presenters, select Optional presenters and enter their names.

An anonymous presenter will join the meeting as an attendee. You’ll need to make them a presenter for them to be able to share content:. Click Show participants in your meeting controls to see a list of all the people in the meeting. Potential meeting attendees get this form when they select the meeting registration link. They fill it out and submit it to receive the Join link for the meeting. To begin, select View registration form. Select Upload an image , locate and select the image you want to use, and select Done.

Enter the meeting title, date, start and end times, and description. You can also list the speakers, along with their bios. The info that you enter on this page is for the meeting attendees.

To have attendees wait in the lobby before being admitted to the meeting, see Change participant settings for a Teams meeting. The form that attendees will complete includes three required fields: First name, Last name, and Email. You decide the rest. Under Register for this event , select Add field to view a list of commonly requested fields. When the field appears on the form, select the Required box if you want to oblige attendees to provide that info.

If you chose Input , enter your question in the field under Custom question. If you chose Choice , enter your question under Custom question , select Add option until you have the number of choices you want to provide, and then enter the choices. To preview your registration form, select View in browser at the top right of the page.

Note: The registration form is created as a web form on the organizer’s Mysite on SharePoint. Registrants will enter their registration data through a TLS-encrypted connection between their browser and the SharePoint service.

When a registrant submits a registration, SharePoint stores the data, encrypted, directly to your organization’s SharePoint data storage location as a list on the organizer’s Mysite. Organizers can respond to requests from registrants to exercise data subject rights by directly accessing their registration lists in SharePoint. Build excitement and gather an audience for your meeting by sharing the details and registration link with potential attendees. You may want to publicize the event through social media, websites, email, chats, and so on.

The link becomes active after you send out the meeting invite. Select Copy registration link near the top of the page. Note: You can also copy the link from the registration form.

After sending the meeting invite and publicizing your meeting, track who registered and what they entered on the registration form. Select the Registration button to download the report. You can do this by changing a meeting option before the meeting or by changing their role during the meeting. Note: To add an external guest presenter, follow the second procedure.

Add the new presenter to the Presenters or Optional presenters line in the invite. Next to Go to meeting options , select Change options. On the Meeting options page, next to Who can present? To let meeting attendees know about the new presenter, see Edit meeting details and inform participants—To inform registered attendees.

Send the meeting join info to the person that will be presenting. The info is available towards the bottom of the meeting event in the calendar, under Microsoft Teams meeting. Changes to any of the basic meeting info title, presenters, date, and time will be emailed to the presenters.

Important: In the Send update? Note: Attendees can cancel their registration from the email that contains their Join link. After the meeting, download the attendance report to see who joined the meeting and for how long. Select the Attendance button to download the report. Microsoft Teams. Schedule a Teams meeting with registration. Microsoft Teams More Need more help?

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